Baywitched Video Portrait - Janice Echevarria

Janice’s designs are driven by her curiosities and appreciates that design gives her an opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures, interests and people’s stories. While she loves to make things look pretty and exciting, she aims to create designs that have depth and weight. Janice is not trying to save the world. She just hopes to make a small but vital contribution.

Baywitched video portrait - Hannah Valente

Hannah Valente is a visual and performing artist in San Francisco.  I interviewed her at her home in the Outer Sunset.  Hannah exudes style in everything she does.  You can see her in The She's and World Smasher, and with the art collective YEARS

This is the first Baywitched with visuals so enjoy <3

Special thanks to:

 Madeline Kenney for a killer theme song <3 our MF MUA Victoria Fajardo <3 + Kyra Monterrosa <3 

Hannah in her backyard&nbsp;

Hannah in her backyard 

Episode 5 - kyra monterrosa and nora mcDonough

Young women are saving our world.

Nora - 23, just graduated from SF State's incredible BECA program, works at the Chapel, Women's Audio Mission and Rickshaw Stop intern.  Check out her incredible booking company Nuisance Sounds, dedicated to organizing performances which highlight femme-identifying and non-binary musicians and performers.

Kyra - 19, just finished her first year at SF State.  Visual artist, tattoo artist, working on a lot of amazing things... best instagram selfies ever @mikethemole .  Check out some of her artwork at The Minnesota Street Project

Music in this episode: &nbsp;Princess nokia - tomboy  Kehlani - wanna be &nbsp;H.E.R - focus (backwards)&nbsp; Princess Nokia - clip from katana &nbsp; DJ Khalid, Justin Bieber, chance the rapper, lil wayne - i'm the one (put through like 6 filters) &nbsp;amandla stenberg - let my baby stay  nicki minaj - no frauds  &nbsp;kehlani everything is yours

Music in this episode: Princess nokia - tomboy Kehlani - wanna be H.E.R - focus (backwards) Princess Nokia - clip from katana DJ Khalid, Justin Bieber, chance the rapper, lil wayne - i'm the one (put through like 6 filters) amandla stenberg - let my baby stay nicki minaj - no frauds  kehlani everything is yours

Baywitched Episode 4 - Elektra Oliveira

This episode, I interviewed the creative force Elektra Oliveira.  Check her out on instagram -@banana_slugg for her clothing line, and @gummmicunnnt for her photography . Support her film April and Junip here

Music in this episode:  1. David Lynch - Star Dream Girl 2. The Shirelles - Baby it's You  3. Frank Ocean - Chanel 4.The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) 5. TLC - Aint too proud to beg 6. Music from the Daisies trailer, 1966 8. Ghetto Vanessa - Yuh Live Nice (pitched down) 9. The Magnificent Leigh Bowery ...the rest are my doodles in the studio




elektra's studio&nbsp;

elektra's studio 

Baywitched Episode 3 - Lord Ha

This week, I interviewed the wonderful Lord Ha. He's a really fun person and does so many things, one of them is style. Another is music production.  I featured 2 of his songs, a clip of "I'm on Vacation!" in the beginning, and "Panties" at the end of the episode.  He goes by Low-Fat on soundcloud. 

I also included a clip from a Girls on the Mic podcast about fashion. The girls are in 6th grade in East Oakland.  Shout out to Meradith Hoddinott for leading the girls on this project and for her fabulous editing!